Atamadekachimon is a Dinosaur Digimon. Its head and body are unbalanced. It is always having difficulty walking due to its heavy head, and completely destroys things when bashing its head about, even if it means no harm. It hates fighting, and is very motherly, constantly worrying about Minidekachimon, its pre-digivolution[1] who it raises and protects within its mouth. It talks so loud that even Minidekachimon has to cover its ears, and gets even louder with the "-dekaa" it attaches to the end of its sentences. When Minidekachimon runs into danger, it fights for its life.[2]


  • Head Crush (頭つぶし Atama Tsubushi?): Swings its head down at the opponent from above with all its might.
  • Drum Blast (鼓・爆砕 Tsudzumi Bakusai?): Restrains the opponent's movements by raising its loud voice to maximum volume.

Unison Attacks

  • Minideka Flame: Cooperates with Minidekachimon and spews flaming breath from its mouth, but it is uncertain whether the flames will be small or large until it comes out.



Atamadekachimon (アタマデカチモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.

  • (Ja:) Atamadekkachi (頭でっかち? lit. "Big-headed").


Digimon Adventure:[]

Minidekachimon, riding around in an Atamadekachimon's mouth, acts as the leader of a faction of Digimon fighting over a water source. When Joe Kido and Gomamon arrive looking for water, Minidekachimon captures Gomamon to punish him, but Agumon rescues Joe and he and Gomamon lead Minidekachimon's forces to the water fountain where a brawl breaks out between the two factions. Minidekachimon and Atamadekachimon battle with Ikkakumon before Greymon smacks Gaossmon into Atamadekachimon's mouth with his tail, ending the battle.

After the battle, Tai and Agumon fish Gaossmon and Minidekachimon out of Atamadekachimon's mouth as the two factions finally reach peace. The Villains of the Wastelands

Atamadekachimon is later amongst the many Digimon watching as Ghoulmon darkens the skies of the Digital World and the Soundbirdmon send their soundwaves to prepare for Negamon's arrival. The Angels' Determination


Atamadekachimon can be unlocked by communicating with the Digimon Pocket Wars cellphone game.

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