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Asuka City (アスカ・シティ Asuka Shiti?) in Digimon World 3 is the first place Junior visits in the Digital World and the main City for the plot to develop.


In Asuka City you can find the following places:

  • Login Room: This room connects the digital World with the Real World

Main Lobby of the Asuka Server

  • Main Lobby: Here you can access to the Login Room, Digimon Lab, Admin Center, Arena Front Desk and the central sector of Asuka City. Junior can also receive basic information about the game, objectives, basic commands, City and field guides, etc.

Digimon Lab located in Asuka City

  • Digimon Lab: This place allows you to access to Digimon Storage, see and manage their digivolve path and Load techniques. They also provide Digivolve information, Technique and stat information. From this place you can go to the main lobby and the Central Sector of Asuka City.
  • Inn: In this room you can normally find a Guardromon and a Gatomon, Here you can save your game and rest your digimons respectively.
  • Lamb Chop: This room looks and works like a bar. The only real use is to gather information about Veemon talking to Waitress Debbie.

Smith's Shop

  • Smith's Shop: Here you can find the Armory, Pawn Shop and the Item shop.
  • Underground Path: You can access to it by the inn. This path leads to the Asuka Sewers and Asuka city (lower part).

Yellow Cruiser

  • Yellow Cruiser: Here Junior is able to obtain a Folder Bag which allows to play Card Games against other tamers. Divermon explains the mechanics of the game and in further opportunities he will sell cards and open Boosters.
  • El Dorado: A place where digimon experts and Freaks gather to talk and buy items in Auctions. Junior needs atleast 150 Charisma in order to join the club.
  • Cargo Tower: Here you will be able to join the auctions for the unique sets, each auction starts after Junior triggers certain events. You can enter through the lower parts of Asuka City or through El Dorado door.
  • Asuka Bridge: From here you can access to Central Park which contains Leomon's Gym and is the first place where you can train your digimon.

Asuka Armory

In Gargomon amory you will find:

Name Price Category
Short Sword 200 Weapon
Dagger 200 Weapon
Long Bow 150 Weapon
Leather Glove 200 Weapon
Bamboo Spear 150 Weapon
Ribbon 60 Helmet
Bandanna 40 Helmet
Hide Helmet 80 Helmet
Leather Coat 70 Armor
Leather Mail 150 Armor
Buckler 80 Shield

Gargomon Heavy Armory

Name Price Category
Shiratorimaru 5000 Weapon
Shotgun 5000 Weapon
Cerberus Fang 5000 Weapon
Divine Lance 4500 Weapon
Power Arm 5000 Weapon
Bone Rod 5000 Weapon
Wing Sword 5000 Weapon
Zweihander 4500 Weapon
Berdys 4500 Weapon
Raven Bow 4500 Weapon
Kabuteri Horn 5000 Helmet
Wool Cap 900 Helmet
Wing Helmet 1800 Helmet
Magical Crown 2500 Helmet
Dark Cloak 2000 Armor
Dark Armor 3800 Armor
Guard Barrier 1800 Shield
Metal Guard 5000 Shield


Gabumon Card & Hidden treasure (300 BIT)

  1. Asuka Sewers: 300 BIT in a Chest.
  2. INN: 300 BIT Next to gabumon Card (try several times).
  3. INN: Gabumon Card (Need to accept quest first)


Tamer Genji (First Time) Kuwagamon 4 exp

Tamer Genji (Second Time): Kuwagamon, Kuwagamon (Green).


Name Price Category Digimon Availability
Divine Barrier 800 Shield Patamon After Seiryu Leader
Hazard Shield 800 Shield Guilmon When looking for Sepikmon Mask
Sniper Shield 1600 Shield Monmon When looking a way in Admin Center
Dramon Shield 1600 Shield Veemon After entering Admin Center
Yin Yang Wand 2700 Weapon Renamon After Byakko City
Hazard Fang 2700 Weapon Guilmon While freeing Asuka city
Sniper Cannon 4000 Weapon Monmon When Asuka City is free from A.o.A
Ronin Blade 4000 Weapon Kotemon After the Earthquake
Sniper Google 6000 Helmet Monmon Qing Long Chief defeated
Divine crown 6000 Helmet Patamon After Digi-Egg of Knowledge
Brave Helmet 8700 Helmet Agumon After Genbu Leader
Ronin Helmet 8700 Helmet Kotemon After Talking to Lise about the resistance group
Yin Yang Suit 11500 Armor Renamon after the Xuan Wu Chief
Ronin Amor 17500 Armor Kotemon Entering Amaterasu Server
Wild Suit 24000 Armor Kumamon After Chief Officer
Brave Armor 32000 Armor Agumon Visit Asuka A.o.A once (Leave immediatly)