ArkhaiAngemon is a Principality Digimon. It is an Ultimate Digimon of equal rank to the likes of MagnaAngemon and Angewomon. ArkhaiAngemon cares deeply for others and is often seen interacting with various Digimon. Due to this aspect of its personality, it specializes in a defensive fighting style. Its superlative ingenuity allows it to act as both counselor and commanding officer of its assigned squad. On the battlefield, ArkhaiAngemon typically protects its subordinates, Luxmon and Angemon, and provides support by issuing direct commands. ArkhaiAngemon rarely participates in battle itself, but it can use a flaming maelstrom to summon its underlings, Gargoylemon and Manticoremon. It then controls them with the two Holy Chains wrapped around its arms. It uses its sacred staff, Holy Rod.[1]


  • Saint Legion: Summons myriad familiars and controls them all at once.
  • Heaven's Flame: Uses its Holy Rod to incinerate foes with intensified fire.
  • Brave Aura: Envelops its allies in flames spewed from its Holy Rod, protecting them from enemy attacks.



ArkhaiAngemon (アルケーエンジェモン)

Official romanzation given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.

  • (El:) Possible corruption of Arche (ἀρχή?), which in Greek can be transcribed as arkhḗ.
  • (En:) Angel.


Vital Bracelet BE[]

ArkhaiAngemon is an obtainable Ultimate level Digimon in the Holy Wings. It digivolves from Birdramon and Piddomon and can digivolve to Dominimon, Hououmon, and Xiangpengmon.

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