Argomon (In-Training)
(アルゴモン(幼年期II) Algomon (Baby II))
Argomon (In-Training) b.jpg
Level In-Training
Type Mutant
Attribute None
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Debut Digimon Adventure:, "Tokyo Digital Crisis" [01]
Prior forms Argomon (Fresh)[1]
Next forms Argomon (Rookie)[1]
Argomon (Fresh)
Argomon (Rookie)
Argomon (Champion)
Argomon (Ultimate)
Argomon (Mega)

Argomon (In-Training) is a Mutant Digimon. It is the form that a newborn Argomon grows into. It is attached to places where large volumes of data flow and consumes that data through the mouth on its underside.[2] It is a creepy one-eyed Digimon with a green body and tentacles that stretch out like arms. Since it's In-Training, it's still very weak, but it's up to some sort of evil and bringing a bad influence to the Real World...![3]


  • San no Awa (酸のアワ? lit. "Acid Bubbles") When an enemy draws near, it spits out its "San no Awa" from its giant eye-like pattern.



Algomon (Baby II) (アルゴモン(幼年期II))

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in Japanese media. Some media leave out "(Baby II)"[3]

Argomon (In-Training)

Name used by this wiki. For further details, see DW:BASEFORM.


Digimon Adventure:

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Digivice: virtual pet

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