(アルゴモン Algomon)

Argomon (Ultimate) t

Argomon (Mega) t

Appears in:Digimon Savers the Movie: Ultimate Power! Activate Burst Mode!!
UltimateArgomon (Ultimate)
MegaArgomon (Mega)

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Argomon is the main villain in the movie Ultimate Power! Activate Burst Mode!!, who used his power to spread a thorn through the Human World, putting all humans into a deep sleep, including the DATS' members. After his body is burned by Agumon, he digivolves from his Ultimate form into his Mega form to fight him. Agumon is beaten around, unable to do any significant damage to Argomon's Mega form (still named Argomon). But Agumon then remembers that his partner Marcus Damon would never give up and becomes determined to keep fighting, no matter what. This frees Marcus from his sleep state and allows him to arrive on the scene, gaining a Digisoul by punching Argomon. Agumon then digivolves into ShineGreymon, who is capable of standing his ground against Argomon's Mega form. However Argomon is still too powerful as shown by how he breaks the GeoGrey Sword when it is used against him. However Marcus was able to evoke the Burst Charge, further supported by Rhythm (a Digimon in human form, who helps the DATS Digimon against Argomon) 's wish for ShineGreymon to defeat Argomon. ShineGreymon digivolves to Burst Mode. ShineGreymon stabs Argomon in the chest, killing Argomon and turn back into a Digi-egg.

He has an army of Digimon to fight for him. He claimed his motive was to prevent further destruction by the hands of humans on their world and especially the Digital World.

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