Arcturusmon is a Dragonkin Digimon. It is a mysterious Digimon that supposedly digivolves via evil, dark energy concentrated to extreme levels. During research into Digimon that can secrete the so called GRB contagion, simulations of injecting enormous amounts of the contagion into such Digimon resulted in this "theoretically" possible Digivolution. The simulation was repeated hundreds of times. As each test confirmed that the Digivolution would result in this Digimon, researches theorize that, under suitable conditions, Arcturusmon could actually manifest in the Digital World. While its mannerisms and behavior are unknown, the amount of dark energy measured in the simulations far surpasses that of all identified Digimon, which indicates that the emergence of Arcturusmon could hypothetically results in a Digital Hazard that would reshape the face of the Digital World.[1]


  • Black Death: Stabs the target with an arm drill and injects the corrosive GRB contagion.
  • Dark Confession (Black Confession): Coats both of its drills with large amounts of GRB contagion, rapidly spins them to condense the secretions to inordinate concentrations, and then launches it forth as a ranged attack.


Arcturusmon is a tall dragon man Digimon with a humanoid body structure with a ceratopsian-like head, Tyrannosaurus rex-like feet, and a wing-framed cape wrapped around the neck and held together with two buckled black belts. It has black scales covering most of its body; the only exception is its face, which is covered in black metal, three ceratopsian magenta horns, and spikey crest on the back of its head. The helmet, shin guards, faulds, cuirass, breastplate, and shoulder pads it wears have gold sections, and three glowing magenta spikes on each shoulder pad. Each arm wields a black device with a gold drill at the end.


Arcturusmon (アルクトゥルスモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.


Vital Bracelet BE[]

Arcturusmon is an obtainable Mega level Digimon in the Gammamon BEMemory. It digivolves from Regulusmon and Myotismon and can DNA digivolve to Proximamon with Siriusmon.

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