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Arcadiamon is a main character in the manga series Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01.

Appearance and personality

Arcadiamon never expresses any free will, but instead obeys Neo's commands mindlessly.


The evil Daemon had created an Ultra Digi-Egg with the intent of creating an all-powerful Digimon. Daemon summoned the human Neo Saiba into the Digital World to be its Tamer.

When the Digi-Egg hatches, Neo names the new Digimon "Arcadiamon" after the ancient Greek city, Arkadia, because he seeks to create his "Arkadia", a perfect world. When Sigma returns from his fight against Tai Kamiya, Neo lets Arcadiamon (In-Training) fight against Sigma's partner Piedmon. Although Arcadiamon is only an In-Training Digimon while Piedmon is a Mega, Piedmon is still defeated when Arcadiamon impales him with a claw arm that he had been hiding in his back. Arcadiamon then absorbs Piedmon and digivolves to its Rookie form.


  • Data Drain : A large crab-like arm appears from Arcadiamon's back which can be impaled into the opponent. This attack can kill even a Mega Digimon.

Other forms

Arcadiamon (Rookie)

Arkadimon Child Bo-4v (DM).jpg

After Arcadiamon absorbed Piedmon as an In-Training, it digivolved to Arcadiamon (Rookie). In this form it resembles a praying mantis. When Neo attacked Holy Angel Castle, Arcadiamon in Rookie form was by his side. Arcadiamon defeated Leo as IceLeomon and absorbed some of his data. He then fought Lord MagnaAngemon. After escaping from Lord MagnaAngemon's "Destiny Gate", Arcadiamon continues to fight against his digivolved form, Seraphimon. In the fight, Arcadiamon digivolves into the Champion form, after strugling against Seraphimon's power.


  • Soul Absorption
  • Erase Sickle: Extends one of its claws to pole-length, impaling its opponent.

Arcadiamon (Champion)

Arcadiamon digivolves to Arcadiamon (Champion) shortly after absorbing IceLeomon's data, allowing it to withstand Seraphimon's Seven Heavens attack. In this form, it gains the ability to fly using a pair of small wings. Arcadiamon then defeats Seraphimon and absorbs some of his data. It later Digivolves to the Ultimate form.


  • Prison Fist: Grabs the opponent, then the tendrils on its arm extend and impale it.
  • Snatch Whip

Arcadiamon (Ultimate)

Arcadiamon digivolves to Arcadiamon (Ultimate) shortly after absorbing Seraphimon's data. As an Ultimate, Arcadiamon protects Neo when Daemon attacks him and uses Dot Matrix to absorb Daemon. This caused it to Digivolve to its Mega form.


  • Dot Matrix: Opens the mouth in his chest and absorbs the opponent's data.
  • Freeze Tentacle

Arcadiamon (Mega)

Arkadimon Ultimate Bo-5v (DM).jpg

Arcadiamon digivolves to Arcadiamon (Mega) after absorbing Daemon. Arcadiamon fought twice against Omnimon (the later backed up by Rosemon the first time, Regulumon and Dominimon the second time) and dominated both times. It is also able to win the first time it faces Zeromaru. When Arcadiamon loses the rematch against Zero, Neo steps in and activates the Digimental. With this, Arcadiamon (Ultra) is finally born.

After a suicide threat from his sister Rei Saiba, Neo loses his will to fight. This causes Arcadiamon to degenerate back to Mega. Daemon's personality then returns and seizes control of his creation from the inside—transforming it into his new Daemon (Ultra) form, displacing Arcadiamon.


  • Dot Matrix: An invisible attack that uses a lot of energy, but takes a chunk of the opponent's data restoring himself while doing damage.
  • Exile Spear: Transforms hands into extendable spears in order to impale the opponent.

Arcadiamon (Ultra)

Arkadimon Super Ultimate Bo-27v (DM).jpg

Eventually, Arcadiamon loses a fight against Zeromaru. This is when Neo steps in and activates the Digimental. With this, Arcadiamon (Ultra) is finally born.

In this new form, Arcadiamon was able to destroy large areas of land and kill entire armies with single attacks. Unable to watch the massacre, Zero digivolves to the Mega stage and continues the fight with Arcadiamon. At this point, after a suicide threat from his sister Rei, Neo loses his will to fight. This causes Arcadiamon to degenerate back to Mega.


  • God Matrix: Fires a beam of light from its eyes. Everything hit by this attack will be reduced to nothing but 0's and 1's of primitive data.
  • Dystopia Lances: The huge number of tentacles growing as its limbs all charge to pierce its target.

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