An Appmon Band (アプモンバンド Apumon Bando?) is an item for storing Appmon Chips in Digimon Universe App Monsters. It resembles a wristwatch, and every App Driver receives one when their App Drive is unlocked. Every Appmon Band has circuit-like lines of the same color as its corresponding App Drive. Appmon Bands also allows communication between an App Driver and their Buddy I'll Get You and Your Disguise Too! Caméramon's Halloween Scandal! or between App Drivers. Reclaim the 7code Appmon! Showdown—Ultimate VS Ultimate!

Appmon Seven Code Band

Appmon Seven Code Band t.png

The Appmon Seven Code Band (アプモンセブンコードバンド Apumon Sebun Kōdo Band?) is an upgraded Appmon Band given to Haru Shinkai, Eri Karan, Torajiro "Astora" Asuka, and Rei Katsura by Dantemon. It guides its user through the Deep Web. Colossal Cometmon Strike!? Open the Door, Dantemon! Yujin Ozora also receives an Appmon Seven Code Band when becoming an App Driver. The Fifth Applidriver! Appli Drive DUO! Offmon Appears


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