Appmon (アプモン Apumon?), short for App Monsters (アプリモンスターズ Apuri Monsutāzu?, lit. "Appli Monsters"), are digital lifeforms central to Digimon Universe App Monsters. They are similar to Digimon but are related to smartphone apps. All Appmon have an Appmon Chip specific to them, and almost all Appmon have two retractable cables somewhere on their body, mostly on their backs, which they use to Applink with other Appmon; Appmon without these cables, such as Flickmon, Swipemon, Tapmon are unable to applink.[1] Also, all God Appmon have a disc-like halo hovering near its back.



Each Appmon is assigned a Grade, analogous to the Digimon concept of level. The four current grades are:

  1. Standard (並 / スタンダード Nami / Sutandādo?)
  2. Super (超 / スーパー Chou / Sūpā?)
  3. Ultimate (極 / アルティメット Kiwami / Arutimetto?)
  4. God (神 / ゴッド Kami / Goddo?)


Most Appmon are classified into one of seven types, analogous to the Digimon concept of attribute. Each type relates to an app genre. The seven types are:

  • Social (ソーシャル Sōsharu?)
  • Navi (ナビ Nabi?)
  • Tool (ツール Tsūru?)
  • System (システム Shisutemu?)
  • Game (ゲーム Gēmu?)
  • Entertainment (エンタメ Entame?)
  • Life (ライフ Raifu?)

The types are strong against and weak to another; the advantage chain is as follows: Social → Navi → Tool → System → Game → Entertainment → Life → Social. Appmon of the God grade, however, are classified as God (ゴッド Goddo?) type.


Each Appmon represents a particular app, known as the appli field and analogous to a Digimon's type. Each appli, thus far, is unique and has its own icon, similar to the app icon on smartphones.


Appmon can have a Buddy (バディ Badi?), a human with whom the Appmon has a partner relationship and is analogous to partner Digimon.


Digimon Universe App Monsters

Appmon are "app lifeforms" that inhabit the Net Ocean and were created by Minerva. Bring Gatchmon Back! Grandpa Denemon's Test! There is one species for each app, and individuals are assigned to a specific app of the type. For example, Ropuremon are responsible for RPGs, and each Ropuremon is assigned to a specific RPG, such as Fantasy Saga or Awesome Excitement Dungeon. Each member of the same species is different, although the basic parts of the their appearance are the same. Every Appmon is capable of performing Applink with another Appmon, however, out of the infinite possible combinations, a specific chosen duo performs App Fusion instead, and become an Appmon of the next grade. A failed App Fusion going to the Super Grade results in Sukasimon. The Character I Leveled Up is Naked?! Ropuremon's School Dungeon!

If an Appmon is defeated in battle, it will become a Chip, and retreat to the nearest App Drive or App Drive Duo. Search Result: Shinkai Haru! Gatchmon Appears! The Fifth Applidriver! Appmon can die, but as long as their data survives, an Appmon can be resurrected as many times as possible. A New Power! Appli Drive DUO!

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