Applink (アプリンク Apurinku?) is a process where two Appmon connect their cables to fuse and become stronger. Every Appmon except Flickmon, Swipemon, and Tapmon can applink.[1]

When two Appmon link, the first Appmon is the base of the Applink while the second become as an aura of the color of its type floating near the first Appmon. The first Appmon receives the second's abilities and can use its attacks, The Suspicious Travel Guide! Navimon I Am! or in some cases can use attacks neither Appmon normally has. Able to See the Whole Future!? Mysterious Fortune-teller Tellermon

In the anime series, the linked form's total power is calculated as follows:

With the App Drive Duo, the formula is:

App Fusion

App Fusion (アプ合体 Apu Gattai?) is a type of Digivolution that happens when some specific combinations of Appmon perform Applink. When that happens, the two Appmon fuse into one of the next grade: Standard > Super > Ultimate > God. When an Appmon that was formed by App Fusion separates, it creates an Appmon Chip to summon it without App Fusion (however, if the Appmon is too powerful to summon at the moment, the chip will turn gray in color); additionally, when an App Fusion between two Standard Appmon fails, it results in Sukasimon. The Character I Leveled Up is Naked?! Ropuremon's School Dungeon! When an App Fusion between two Super Appmon fails, it results in Damedamon.[citation needed]

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