Aoi Shibuya
(渋谷 アオイ Shibuya Aoi)
Aoi Shibuya and Labramon b
Aoi (right).
Appears in:Digimon Survive
Grade 9th[1]
Gender Female
Nationality Japanese

Aoi Shibuya (渋谷 アオイ Shibuya Aoi?) is a main character in Digimon Survive.


Aoi is a teenage girl with fair skin, shoulder-length black hair, which is worn in a ponytail, and grey eyes. She wears a white collared shirt, a purple sweater vest, black pants, and purple sneakers with white soles.

During development, Aoi went through multiple design changes. In the first design, she had much shorter hair and had a white and blue long sleeve, white collared sweater. Another beta design was similar to the final design, though featured a more stylised white long sleeved shirt with pink lines on the collar, with a green tie. She also had pink pants. The bobble in her hair was also black, rather than the finalised pink.


An honest and gentle upperclassman, with an articulate personality. She handles the cooking and security of the base.[2] She is very serious and calm and is always able to keep her cool. She is also the class representative and she is used to handling unreasonable requests from her classmates.[3] Aoi is from a different middle school than Takuma and Minoru.[4]


Aoi Shibuya (渋谷アオイ)

Name used in Digimon Survive.

  • Ja: Shibuya (渋谷?). A Japanese surname that means "glum valley".
  • Ja: Aoi (アオイ?). A Japanese gender-neutral name.


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