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BATTLE21: Anti-God Devices Digimon Twin!
(Tsuijinki Dejimon Tsuin!)
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After Shou performs Burst Charge and Peckmon digivolves to Ravemon, Murmukusmon reveals that the Burst Charge burns away a Tamer's life as he and Ravemon clash in a flash of light. Inside of Murmukusmon's memories where he was once MagnaAngemon, he remembers a young "Art" Digimon, a DemiVeemon he took care of. It turns out Shou used his Digisoul to bring Murmukusmon's memories back to life. Murmukusmon asks why Shou, a human, would fight for the Digital World. Shou responds that he simply likes it. When DemiVeemon dies because an "Art" Digimon needs a Tamer's love to survive, Barbamon comes and twists MagnaAngemon's dark heart to turn him into Murmukusmon. Shou reveals that they were both fighting for the "Art" Digimon, but doing it in the wrong way, merely running from being hurt. As Ravemon defeats Murmukusmon, he questions what the correct path should have been. Meanwhile, the hole that Chaosdromon blew allows Tsurugi and Yuu to meet up, as Ravemon's attack takes Shou directly to Norn, killing SkullSatamon in the process. Trapped between two Mega Digimon, Tsurugi knows that the Burst Charge is their only chance. Due to the danger, Yuu is the only to step up, knowing that Tsurugi is needed for the battle against Barbamon. Just about to burn his Digisoul away, a light interrupts them as the Digivice Twin give themselves to Tsurugi and Yuu, just as they discover VictoryGreymon and ZeedGarurumon.

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