Ankylomon is Chitose Imai's Partner Digimon.


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Other Forms


Shakkoumon dl.png

Shakkoumon is the DNA Digivolved Ultimate form of Ankylomon and Angemon.

When Chitose wakes up from Eden Syndrome, due to Keisuke, Erika and Ankylomon going to the Eater's World after hacking an Eater, Chitose feels sorry for himself that it was Keisuke and Erika who were looking after Eden whilst Ryuji was trying to kill all hacker's with Arcadiamon. To prove he is still strong, he challenges Keisuke to fight, though when Ankylomon is one hit away from being defeated - Chitose states that this isn't enough. Angemon appears and DNA Digivolves with Ankylomon to become Shakkoumon. He then yells out at Nokia Shiramine and Omnimon if they like his new partner and they approve. Nokia then challenges them to battle, with Chitose and Keisuke managing to win. She then states the two of them are ready to protect the real world, whilst Nokia goes to the Digital World to save it.

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