Angoramon is the partner Digimon of Ruli Tsukiyono in Digimon Ghost Game.


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Angoramon is a Digimon with a large build that flies through the air calmly with his long ears. He has a keen sense of hearing, and is able to distinguish sounds from far away. He always composes himself, and has a mature personality. He's knowledgeable about the Digital World. He likes listening to Ruli play the piano.[1][1] Angoramon often recites a haiku after each battle.


On October 10, Hiro Amanokawa and Gammamon witness Angoramon following Ruli Tsukiyono on their way home. The Mystery of the Museum

Scribbles The Doll's Manor Divine Anger The Cursed Song Birds Nightly Procession of Monsters Warped Time Game of Death Kamaitachi Chain Letter Executioner Zashiki-warashi The Fortuneteller's Manor The Maneater's Forest Icy Hell The Land of Children The Witching Hour Prison of Fire The Spider's Lure Nightmare Moaning Bug Twisted Love The Crimson Banquet Cannibal Mansion Monster's Beauty Serum Face Taker Monster Pollen Bad Friend Killer Blade Who Are You? Whispers of the Dead Wall Crawlers Werewolf Labyrinth of Grief Flock of the Dead The Diviner Contagion Island Spiral Beach Clown Human Hunter Red Eye Rust Ghost Newspaper Queen's Banquet Memory of Eternity The White Bride The Crimson Harvest Festival Payback Headless Mysterious Lake King of Knowledge Second Sight Bakeneko Impurity Ghost Taxi Pyramid Jiraiya Water Ghost Resurrection

Other forms[]


Pyonmon b

Pyonmon is Angoramon's Fresh form.


Bosamon b

Bosamon is Angoramon's In-Training form.


SymbareAngoramon t

SymbareAngoramon is Angoramon's Champion form.


Lamortmon t

Lamortmon is Angoramon's Ultimate form.


Diarbbitmon t

Diarbbitmon is Angoramon's Mega form.

Lamortmon digivolved to Diarbbitmon to fight AncientSphinxmon. Pyramid


Angoramon Dim Card[]

The Angoramon DiM Card, an expansion for the Vital Bracelet Digital Monster series of virtual pets, is inspired by Angoramon and his evolutions.[2]

Angoramon BEMemory[]

The Angoramon BEMemory is inspired by Angoramon and his evolutions.

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