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Template:Infobox Digimon AncientBeetlemon (AncientBeetmon in the Japanese version) is a fictional character from the Digimon Frontier series, is an Ancient Insectoid Digimon with the power over thunder. His body combines elements of the Kabuterimon and Kuwagamon digivolution lines.


He can move nimbly on his six legs and has a large thunder-gun. This super-shelled fighter can attack from the air.


AncientBeetlemon was never given a precise evolution line in the anime.


  • Terra Blaster: Fires a beam of destructive energy.
  • Calamity Thunder: Creates a thunder storm that fires randomly in a small area.



Digimon Frontier

He was one of the Ten Ancient Warriors that saved the ancient Digital World from Lucemon's treachery. The power AncientBeetmon possessed now lives on in J.P., who wields the Spirits of Thunder created by AncientBeetlemon.

Digimon Battle Spirit 2

In the Game Boy Advance game Digimon Battle Spirit 2, AncientBeetlemon appears as a "finishing" move for Beetlemon. If Beetlemon fills up his power meter, he can warp digivolve into AncientBeetlemon, and fires a huge lightning bolt at his opponents.Template:Digi-stub

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