Alphamon (Tri) t
Appears in:Digimon Adventure tri.
First appearance "Reunion" [01]
Last appearance "Coexistence" [05]
MegaAlphamon Ouryuken

Alphamon is a mysterious Digimon and supporting antagonist in Digimon Adventure tri..


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Alphamon is King Drasil's silent enforcer, carrying out his master's desire to purify the Digital World by exploiting Libra.


Digimon Adventure tri.

In 2005, Alphamon defeats Davis Motomiya, Yolei Inoue, Cody Hida, and Ken Ichijouji. When three Kuwagamon enter the Real World at Haneda Airport, Alphamon's hand appears through a gateway, snatches the last of the three, and drags it back to the Digital World just before it could attack a weakened Garurumon. Later, Alphamon emerges into the Real World with a single-minded focus on Meicoomon, swatting the DigiDestined's Champion-level Digimon aside with ease. Only Omnimon gives it pause and prompts it to enter its Ouryuken form. Reunion

When the DigiDestined arrive in the rebooted Digital World, they spot Alphamon fighting Jesmon. Confession

After the DigiDestined repel the revived Dark Masters, Alphamon reappears to protect Raguelmon's corruption. It easily defeats everyone but Omnimon and Jesmon, though all three Holy Knights prove to be evenly matched. It deflects one of Jesmon's attacks, causing Tai and Daigo Nishijima to be buried under rubble, then the two Knights retreat as Raguelmon and Ophanimon Falldown Mode dark DNA digivolve into Ordinemon. Coexistence

Other Forms

Alphamon Ouryuken

Alphamon Ouryuken (Tri) t

Alphamon Ouryuken is Alphamon's alternate from.

When fighting Omnimon, Alphamon enters its Ouryuken form. It escapes through a portal as Omnimon is about to blast it with a "Supreme Cannon". Reunion

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