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Akiyoshi Hongo

Akiyoshi Hongo (本郷 あきよし Hongō Akiyoshi?) is credited on all relevant media as the creator of the original concept and character designs for the virtual pet franchise, Digimon. However, nothing is known about Hongo as an individual.

There is some possibility that Akiyoshi Hongo could be a pseudonym for two people: Aki Maita, the creator of the original Tamagotchi, and Takeichi Hongo, the principal officer of Tamagotchi for Bandai.

His name is sometimes spelled as Akiyoshi Kongo, but this may be a typo.


Digimon was first conceived as a virtual pet toy in the vein of Tamagotchis and, as such, took influence from Tamagotchis' cute and round designs. The small areas of the screens (16 by 16 pixels) meant that character designers had to create monsters whose forms would be easily recognizable. As such, many of the early Digimon—including Tyrannomon, the first one ever created—were based on dinosaurs. Many further designs were created by Kenji Watanabe, who was brought in to help with the "X-Antibody" creatures and art for the Digimon collectible card game. Watanabe was one influenced by American comics, which were beginning to gain popularity in Japan, and as such began to make his characters look stronger and "cool." The character creation process, however, has for most of the franchise's history been collaborative and reliant on conversation and brainstorming.


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