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Takeichi Hongo, one of the three figures of Akiyoshi Hongo

Akiyoshi Hongo (本郷 あきよし Hongō Akiyoshi?) is a pseudonym for the three most important figures in the development of the Digimon franchise: Aki Maita, one of the two creators of the original Tamagotchi; Hiroshi Izawa, the author of the first Digimon manga; and Takeichi Hongo, the director of marketing for Bandai. The Akiyoshi Hongo name appears in credits under "Genan" (原案) in most Japanese media or "Original Concept" in English media.


The Akiyoshi Hongo name first appeared in the opening credits of the 1999 Digimon Adventure TV series. The name has continued to appear in the credit sequences of future Digimon shows and films and on copyright credits on Digimon media.[1]


Akiyoshi Hongo was staff in:

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