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Akira (World 2) b
Appears in:Digimon World 2
Gender Male
Occupation Tamer

Akira (アキラ?) is the main character of Digimon World 2. His Digi-Beetle is named Gunner (ゼロガンナー Zero Gan'nā?, lit. "Zero Gunner").


Akira is a young boy with brown eyes and red hair.[1] He wears gray goggles with a black strap under a blue bandana, a white and blue turtlenecked shirt with a vertical yellow line in the middle, and blue shoulder pads and gloves with yellow outlines. He also wears brown shorts wih a pocket on the right leg and a red cord near the hemlines, yellow socks, and white sneakers with yellow shoelaces, and blue soles. He also has dog tag around his neck.


Akira (アキラ)

Default name used in the Japanese and American versions of Digimon World 2.

  • Ja: Akira (アキラ?). Possibly from "akira" (? lit. "to complete"), as the game's first mission is the one that completes Akira's training.


Akira is an in-traning Tamer being mentored by Zudokorn. One day, Cecilia, leader of the Blue Falcons, sends Akira and Zudokorn to the former's last training mission, to destroy Leomon in the Boot Domain.

Notes and references

  1. Although the official artwork depicts Akira with brown hair and black eyes, the in-game model and talk sprite depict him with brown eyes and red hair.

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