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Akihiro Kurata (倉田 明宏 Kurata Akihiro?)[2] is the primary antagonist of Digimon Data Squad.


Kurata has black hair and glasses, and wears a white lab coat over olive green undercoat and dark grey pants.


Kurata pretends to have a merciful side, but this is a ruse to hide his bigoted phobia of Digimon. His true personality is sadistic and megalomaniac, wanting to murder all Digimon and install himself as ruler of both worlds. His ruthlessness towards this goal has him blackmail and kidnap potential allies, as well as encouraging the violent, sociopathic tendencies of people like Kouki Tsubasa.


Akihiro Kurata (倉田 明宏)

Name used in the franchise.

  • Ja: Kurata (倉田?). Japanese surname that means "warehouse field".
  • Ja: Akihiro (明宏?). A masculine Japanese name that means "bright vast".



Kurata is unique in that he is the first genuinely evil human character in the Digimon anime/manga series (as opposed to Yukio Oikawa and Ken Ichijouji, who were controlled/influenced by Myotismon, and Neo Saiba, who was manipulated by Daemon), although there have been evil humans in the Digimon video games. This is shown by the callous way he has reacted to the deaths of the Digimon he has exterminated, and the almost maniacal nature in which he reacts to the prospect of facing them. However, when he is unprotected or in the case of his fight with Burst mode ShineGreymon overpowered, this all drops away, and he is seized by a gripping fear for his own life at which point he is not above begging pitifully for mercy. It is through this that he justifies his actions—he is protecting humanity because all Digimon are, in the eyes of such a cowardly man, a threat. In a way, he parallels Hypnos member Mitsuo Yamaki from Digimon Tamers, in that they both believed Digimon were a constant threat to Earth's peace—but they differ in that Yamaki eventually learned the error of his ways and was more business-like in his actions, regarding what he did as nothing more than a job and duty while Kurata is bloodthirsty and clearly enjoys what he does. He may also be based on the villain Analogman, a twisted genius hacker who sought to control both Digital and Real Worlds by enslaving Digimon.

When attempting to coerce people or hide his true intentions, Kurata appears almost affable or absentminded, and to some extent, overly friendly. However, when he introduced himself to the members of DATS, most seemed annoyed by him. Curiously enough, he seemed to act as though he had an allergy towards Digimon, prompting him to sneeze whenever Agumon and Gaomon drew near him. Whether this is an unexplored character point or whether he did it as a way of subtly indicating his disgust towards Digimon has yet to be determined.

Kurata has his own catchphrase, spoken in English; "It's showtime!".

Commander Sampson made a brief reference about Kurata on DS episode 19 before he made his first appearance two episodes later. In fact, when Commander Sampson discloses to the DATS team the full account about the true purpose of the exploration party into the Digital World and who were the original members on the aforementioned episode, Kurata can be seen in a short cameo appearance.

Other appearances

Digimon Masters

Akihiro Kurata dm.png

Kurata is an NPC.

Digimon Heroes!

When fighting Belphemon Rage Mode, ShineGreymon Burst Mode calls him "Kurata", and Rosemon asks who this is. Awaken and Defeat Belphemon

Notes and references

  1. If you can consider such a forceful merger of him and Belphemon a "partnership" in some way.
  2. Kurata's given name was revealed in Japanese text on-screen in "Masaru's Memory is Erased! The Bond Which is Lost!" [26]