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Akihiro Kurata (倉田 明宏 Kurata Akihiro?)[2] is the primary antagonist of Digimon Data Squad.


Kurata has black hair and wears glasses, a white lab coat over an olive green undercoat, and dark grey pants.


Kurata pretends to have a merciful side, but this is a ruse to hide his bigoted phobia of Digimon. His true personality is sadistic and megalomaniac, wanting to murder all Digimon and install himself as ruler of both worlds. His ruthlessness towards this goal has him blackmail and kidnap potential allies, as well as encouraging the violent, sociopathic tendencies of people like Kouki Tsubasa.


Akihiro Kurata (倉田 明宏)

Name used in the franchise.

  • Ja: Kurata (倉田?). Japanese surname that means "warehouse field".
  • Ja: Akihiro (明宏?). A masculine Japanese name that means "bright vast".


Ten years before Marcus Damon joins DATS, Kurata was a member of a Digital World exploration party tasked with investigating the Digital World and rescuing Keenan Crier. The Truth About Keenan To the disdain of his supervisor, Spencer Damon, Kurata consistently reacted with fear to the inhabitants of the Digital World, but insisted he was superior to Spencer. Kurata's Revenge! Eventually, the group became terrorized by SaberLeomon, who chased them to the Infinite Ice Ridge. While Spencer held off SaberLeomon, Kurata used a makeshift space-oscillation bomb to open a portal to the Real World through which the rest of the expedition escaped. The Past Revealed

Kurata's resentment of Spencer and phobia of Digimon led him to decide that all Digimon must be eliminated by allying himself with the powerful Belphemon in order to conquer both worlds. Kurata's Real Plan So while Spencer negotiated an alliance with the powerful Merukimon, Kurata worked towards invading the Digital World by creating Gizumon—a soulless, artificial Digimon able to permanently delete other Digimon. Kurata's Revenge! Kurata led an attack force into the Digital World, using an army of Gizumon to ravage the Digital World and exterminate as many Digimon as possible. Among the casualties were Keenan's guardian, Frigimon. Merukimon, believing that Kurata was operating on Spencer's orders, decided that the Humans had betrayed him and forced the humans to flee back to the Real World. The Past Revealed

Kurata reappears after Gotsumon leads SaberLeomon's army in an attack on the Real World. Kurata uses a massive Digital Gate to return the army to their world, then reveals himself to DATS, portraying himself as a well-meaning ally. The Digimon Army Makes Its Move When SaberLeomon himself comes to the Real World, Kurata sends a Gizumon to execute him, to the horror of DATS. Though the team distrusted Kurata, only Richard Sampson really understood what Kurata was planning. The Wrath of SaberLeomon

After this, Kurata travels with DATS to the Digital World in order to settle matters with Merukimon. One More Digital Dive! However, Merukimon reveals the truth of Kurata's heinous past to DATS, so Kurata dispenses with the charade and uses a Gizumon-AT to fatally wound Merukimon. The Past Revealed The DATS team attempts to fight back, but are not able to defeat Gizumon-AT or its digivolved form, Gizumon-XT, until Merukimon performs one last suicidal attack alongside the newly digivolved Crowmon. Unfortunately, Kurata escapes in the chaos. Kurata's Revenge!


Kurata is possessed by his fear and bigotry against Digimon, irrationally seeking their extermination and reacting with such disgust as to affect a false allergy when forced to be around them. Despite claiming to be protecting humans against the "threat" of Digimon, he is overweeningly callous to the death and suffering of both Digimon and human casualties of his plots, and is hypocritically willing to exploit far more destructive Digimon in order to exterminate the comparitively peaceful population. He frequently indulges his ego and pride whenever he thinks he is in control, but is quick to resort to fear and begging when he is the underdog.

When attempting to coerce people or hide his true intentions, Kurata pushes a facade of harmless affability, but it is insincere enough to annoy more forthright people.

Kurata has a habit of proclaiming "It's showtime!"

Other appearances

Digimon Masters

Akihiro Kurata dm.png

Kurata is an NPC.

Digimon Heroes!

When fighting Belphemon Rage Mode, ShineGreymon Burst Mode misidentifies him as "Kurata" to the confusion of Rosemon. Awaken and Defeat Belphemon

Notes and references

  1. If you can consider such a forceful merger of him and Belphemon a "partnership" in some way.
  2. Kurata's given name was revealed in Japanese text on-screen in "Masaru's Memory is Erased! The Bond Which is Lost!" [26]