Ai Kashiki
(樫木 亜衣 Kashiki Ai)
Ai Kashiki t
Appears in:Digimon Universe App Monsters
First appearance "Search Result: Shinkai Haru! Gatchmon Appears!" [01]
Latest appearance "Our Singularity" [52]
Actor(s):(Ja:) Mai Fuchigami
Other actor(s)
(FR:) Helena Coppejans
Age 13
Grade 7th (ep 1-26)
8th (ep 27-52)
Gender Female
Height 146cm[1]
Known relatives Father
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Student

Ai Kashiki (樫木 亜衣 Kashiki Ai?) is Haru Shinkai's classmate.


Ai is a teenage girl with fair skin, short blonde hair, and purple eyes. She wears a thigh-length light pink dress with long sleeves, six pink buttons in the front, pink ribbons on the sleeves, a pink collar with a white line on it, and a pink hemline on the sleeve with a white line on it. She also wears a brown choker, dark brown stockings with a white line near the top, and brown shoes.

On October 31, 2016, she wears what appears to be a magical girl costume—a pink dress with spaghetti straps and five hot pink hearts on it, and a white collar with a hot pink line on it, a silver tiara with a hot pink heart on it, white arm warmers, long white gloves, white stockings, and red shoes. She also carries a white staff with a hot pink heart on it. I'll Get You and Your Disguise Too! Caméramon's Halloween Scandal!



Ai Kashiki (樫木 亜衣)

Name used in Digimon Universe App Monsters.

  • Ja: Kashiki (樫木?). Japanese surname that means "evergreen oak tree".
  • Ja: Ai (亜衣?). A Japanese feminine name that uses the kanji for "Asia" (?) and "garment" (?). Likely from "AI".



Ai lives with her father at Kashinoki Books, The Suspicious Travel Guide! Navimon I Am! and attends Fujimizaka Middle School. She is the target of Haru Shinkai's crush. On October 1, 2016, she is one of the people watching Yujin Ozora play soccer after school and comments on such to Haru. This meeting distracts Haru enough to take a soccer ball to the face, after which both Haru and Yujin leave. Her friends seem surprised by the fact that Haru and Yujin are close. Later that day, Messemon posts an embarrassing photo of one of her bad haircuts, which causes Yujin to calm her down. Watching his crush get comforted by his close friend only compounds Haru's shame at his own photos being posted, prompting him to flee. Search Result: Shinkai Haru! Gatchmon Appears! On October 8, Ai is a victim of Navimon messing around with navigation apps, but Yujin finds her and escorts her home. The Suspicious Travel Guide! Navimon I Am! On October 15, she serves her friends refreshments while they patronize Kashinoki Books. The Character I Leveled Up is Naked?! Ropuremon's School Dungeon! On October 31, Ai takes photos of Haru's friends to send to him. I'll Get You and Your Disguise Too! Caméramon's Halloween Scandal! She is present and a little confused by Eri Karan's presence when Eri visits Haru at Kashinoki Books. The Ultimate Restaurant Report! Dining App Perorimon!


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