Agumon is a supporting character in Digimon ReArise.


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Agumon is Herissmon's friend.[1]


  • Pepper Breath (Baby Flame): Spits flame breath from its mouth to attack the opponent.


Digimon Re:Arise

Agumon saves a Solarmon from three Keramon-type Spiral whilst in a Digital Point in the Digital World, and then gets Solarmon back home to its friends. Agumon's friend Tentomon then tells Agumon that it thinks the Spiral have something to do with all the Digital Points and states that the Digital Points are spawning in the real world as well, so asks Agumon to look into it. Proof of Courage

When Herissmon begins to get overwhelmed by the large amount of Keramon-type Spiral whilst in a Digital Point, Agumon arrives and defeats the Spiral, saving Herissmon. Thinking that Agumon is also an enemy, Herissmon attacks Agumon to protect the Protagonist, though after Agumon yells out that it's not their enemy and is a Digimon, the duo quickly become friends. Agumon explains that to get out of the Digital Point they need to defeat all of the Spirals, and states that Spiral aren't Digimon, and instead just copy their forms, which makes actual Digimon look bad. Agumon and Herissmon then team up to defeat the rest of the Spiral, and put an end to the Digital Point. Destiny Realized! I'm Herissmon!

At some point, Agumon invites the tamers to battle against a Mega, Agumon's friend Gabumon, who warp digivolves to MetalGarurumon to fight them. Clash Battle! MetalGarurumon

When Tyrannomon, Agumon's friend, goes on a rampage in a Digital Point, Agumon arrives as Reppamon, Leomon, Gatomon, and Herissmon are fighting against Spirals. Dorugamon arrives and protects Reppamon from Tyrannomon, and Dorugamon fights Tyrannomon as the test of the group fight the Spirals. Sensing the courage between Herissmon and the Protagonist, Agumon digivolves Greymon. A Frenzied Menace! Tamers Unite!

Other Forms


Koromon is Agumon's In-Training II form.

Koromon dl.png

After MetalGreymon kills SkullGreymon, he de-digivolves to Koromon through exhaustion. Herissmon, Digivolve to..! Koromon decides to live with the Protagonist until he is able to digivolve to Agumon again. Super Digivolve to...! Stefilmon!


Greymon de.png

Greymon is Agumon's Champion form.

When Agumon is sucked into a Digital Point, Agumon defeats three Keramon-type Spiral, but is unable to defeat a Woodmon-type Spiral, so digivolves to Greymon to defeat it. Agumon then fights two more Woodmon-type Spiral, and a SkullGreymon-type Spiral. Greymon later finds Etemon in the Digital Point, who wants to use it as a stage. Greymon tells Etemon to go back to the Digital World, and after it refuses Greymon gets ready to fight Etemon, though before they can, three Megadramon run from the mountains. Realising that its power wont be enough to defeat Etemon, Greymon digivolves to MetalGreymon. Proof of Courage

When Reppamon, Leomon, Gatomon, Dorugamon, and Herissmon are fighting against a group of Spiral and Agumon's friend Tyrannomon, Agumon senses the courage between Herissmon and the Protagonist which causes Agumon to digivolve to Greymon, and the fellow Champion level Digimon help to clear the path to Tyrannomon so that Greymon can try and talk to it, but it doesn't work as Tyrannomon attacks Greymon as it tries to reason with its friend. The Tamers come to the conclusion that they will have to kill Tyrannomon to stop its rampage, though Greymon is able to talk them into giving it one more chance to talk to Tyrannomon. As Greymon and Tyrannomon fight whilst Greymon tries to reason with him, Tyrannomon attempts to digivolve which causes the remaining Spirals to resonate, and their dark energy cause Tyrannomon to dark digivolve to SkullGreymon. A Frenzied Menace! Tamers Unite! During the battle, SkullGreymon defeats Greymon, which reverts Greymon back to Agumon. Dorugamon, Reppamon, and Gatomon fight back, and Herissmon's digivolution to Filmon freezes the Spirals, allowing Leomon to help as well. As the Champion Digimon hold off SkullGreymon, Agumon recovers and digivolves to Greymon and then MetalGreymon. Herissmon, Digivolve to..!


  • Mega Flame: Spews ultra-high-temperature flames or a flame shot from its mouth to reduce everything to ashes.
  • Great Horns Attack (Great Antler)


MetalGreymon de.png

MetalGreymon is Agumon's Ultimate form.

When Greymon finds Etemon in a Digital Point, it realises that as Greymon it wont be powerful enough to defeat Etemon, so digivolves to MetalGreymon, and then defeats the Megadramon and Etemon. MetalGreymon then finds Andromon, who informs MetalGreymon that Machinedramon had been destroying everything in its path, and that it had killed all of its friends. MetalGreymon finds Machinedramon in the middle of attacking a group of Gekomon, and MetalGreymon attacks Machinedramon, stopping it from killing the Gekomon. Machinedramon is insulted that MetalGreymon would try to defeat Machinedramon with such weak attacks, and MetalGreymon responds by digivolving to WarGreymon. Proof of Courage

After being defeated as Greymon by SkullGreymon, Agumon recovers whilst Reppamon, Leomon, Gatomon, Dorugamon, and Filmon hold SkullGreymon off. Agumon eventually rejoins the battle, digivolves to Greymon and then MetalGreymon, and then destroys SkullGreymon, collapsing the Digital Point. MetalGreymon degenerates to Koromon from exhaustion, as the group expresses their hope that they can see Tyrannomon when it's reborn. Herissmon, Digivolve to..!

When the group are fighting Rasenmon Fury Mode and a group of Spiral in a Digital Point that had opened up whilst Rasenmon was on a rampage and trying to destroy the City, MetalGreymon - who had been protecting the Protagonist - arrives with the Protagonist, and joins the rest in the battle. The Unforeseeable Future Part One


  • Mega Claw (Trident Arm): Launches its tethered Trident Arm to slash or wrap up enemies.
  • Giga Destroyer: Fires organic missiles form the hatch on part of its chest.


WarGreymon de.png

WarGreymon is Agumon's Mega form.

After Machinedramon mocks MetalGreymon for attacking it with such weak attacks, MetalGreymon digivolves to WarGreymon. As the two fight, Andromon runs in and attacks Machinedramon, and using this distraction WarGreymon attacks Machinedramon. Stating that WarGreymon is too slow, Machinedramon attacks WarGreymon, however WarGreymon deflects the attacks with its Chrome Digizoid Shield, and then easily kills Machinedramon with its Dramon Killer. Machinedramon swears it will get revenge when it's reborn, and WarGreymon states it can come back as many times as its wants, WarGreymon will simply defeat it again. Proof of Courage

Later, Agumon invites the Tamers to test their mettle against a Mega Digimon by digivolving into WarGreymon. It fights against Herissmon, Gatomon, Dorugamon, and Leomon, and easily avoids all of their attacks. Eventually through teamwork, they are able to score a hit against WarGreymon with Dorugamon's "Cannonball", leading WarGreymon to revert back to Agumon and declare them the winners. Clash Battle! WarGreymon

When the group are fighting Rasenmon Fury Mode and a group of Spiral in a Digital Point that had opened up whilst Rasenmon was on a rampage and trying to destroy the City, MetalGreymon - who had been protecting the Protagonist - arrives with the Protagonist, and joins the rest in the battle. The courage shown by the group in fighting Rasenmon causes MetalGreymon to digivolve to WarGreymon. The Unforeseeable Future Part One WarGreymon and the group continue to fight but just as Fury Mode starts to slow down it absorbs some of the nearby Spiral which re-energises it, restoring it back to full power. As the fight continues, Fury Mode and the remaining Spiral suddenly turn into fragments as Herissmon had awakened inside Fury Mode, digivolved to Rasenmon, and got its message across that the Spiral and Herissmon were the same and that there was more to the World than just sadness and despair. The fragments then form into Pusumon's Digi-Egg. The Unforeseeable Future Part Two


  • Terra Force (Gaia Force): Takes all of the energy within the atmosphere and concentrates it into one spot, then fires it as an extremely dense, high-temperature energy shot.
  • Great Tornado (Brave Tornado)
  • Dramon Killer: Slashes its "Dramon Killer" gauntlets.

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