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BATTLE24: Against the Future!
(Mirai to no Tatakai!)
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As MarineAngemon holds NEO, VictoryGreymon and ZeedGarurumon attack. Though they can only graze him before NEO forces them back, it is enough to give them hope, as NEO is not invincible. But NEO begins to fight MarineAngemon's influence, as one Digimemory isn't enough to seal his powers. Before he can attack, however, the Machine part of his acts up and displays Andromon, who reveals that he placed a virus in his Digimemory so that it will reflect his will. Piximon comes and orders the Holy Digimemory to fight, as well as what will is left in the Insect/Plant Digimemory by MegaKabuterimon. Emboldened by this, Peckmon, VictoryGreymon, and ZeedGarurumon all choose to seal NEO's power as well, but Barbamon's will in the Dark Digimemory counters this by allowing NEO to attack Tsurugi and Yuu. They are saved, however, by Zanbamon and Murmukusmon, who has reverted to MagnaAngemon. In a fit of unity, the former Commandments now come in to show their support for the Tamers, as well as the Sun Caravan and random Digimon from the world fight him. Now with the Digimon's support, Norn breaks the shackles holding her to show that she is Yggdrasill, not the body that merged with Barbamon. In response, NEO says it's too late and uses Zero Genesis to destroy the universe. All that is left is a small part of the System World containing the heroes.

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