Aegiochusmon Holy
(アイギオテュースモン:ホーリー Aegiochusmon Holly)
Aegiochusmon Holy b.jpg
Level Ultimate
Type God Man
Attribute Vaccine
Debut Digimon Heroes!
Prior forms Aegiomon[1]
Next forms Jupitermon[2]
Aegiochusmon Blue
Aegiochusmon Dark
Aegiochusmon Green

Aegiochusmon Holy is a God Man Digimon. It synthesized the abilities of various species, with a human body as the base. The synthesis of species is said to be the result of having sought the extreme called omnipotence, and adapts it to its surroundings, dramatically altering its appearance.[3] This form is composed of data taken from the Angel-tribe, so the data of the Angel-tribe sleeping within its body covers its whole body, and its heart is as serene as a still lake.[4]


  • Lightning Shower: Launches countless daggers that rain down from the sky, to avert enemies.
  • Thunder Slash: Flows lightning into its daggers and slashes the enemy like mochi.
  • Circlet Defense: Creates a defensive wall that bounces an opponent's attack back with a lightning strike.


Aegiochusmon Holy is a divine variation of Aegiochusmon, colored yellow and gold due to their association with the Holy-species in Digimon Heroes!. It has goat horns and cloven feet similar to the goat, as befitting of Jupiter's association with goats. This version of Aegiochusmon is also the only one with with a full winged coat, which is present on Jupitermon.


Aegiochusmon: Holly (アイギオテュースモン:ホーリー)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in Japanese media. Base name shares an official romanization with Aegiochusmon. Some media leave out the colon.

Aegiochusmon Holy

Name used in Digimon Heroes! and Japanese and American English media.


Digimon Heroes!

Aegiochusmon Holy digivolves from Aegiomon and can digivolve to Jupitermon.

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