Aegiochusmon b.jpg
Level Ultimate
Type God Man
Attribute Vaccine
Prior forms Aegiomon[1]
Other Names
• (Ja:) アイギオトゥースモン[2] Aegiochusmon
• (Ja:) アイギオテュースモン レッド Aegiochusmon Red
Aegiochusmon Blue
Aegiochusmon Dark
Aegiochusmon Green
Aegiochusmon Holy

Aegiochusmon is a God Man Digimon. It synthesized the abilities of various species, with a human body as the base. The synthesis of species is said to be the result of having sought the extreme called omnipotence, and adapts it to its surroundings, dramatically altering its appearance. This form is composed of data taken from the Dragon-tribe, so the data of the Dragon-tribe sleeping within its body manifests on the surface of its body, centered upon the crystal in its chest, and establishes itself as armor. This armor is a Powered Suit that affects not only Aegiochusmon's defensive power but also its physical strength, drastically increasing its offensive power.[3]


  • Bolt Break Knockdown: Commences a rush attack with fists shrouded in the thunder produced from its horn.
  • Lightning Pile: Shapes thunder into a pile, then impales the opponent from just overhead to drive them into the ground. It is said that if the pile pierces the opponent once, the piles cast afterward will always hit, regardless from where they're cast.
  • Charging Strike: Pierces the opponent's head with its horn using a high speed charge that capitalizes on its prided leg strength.


Aegiochusmon is a humanoid creature colored red due to its association with the Dragon-species in Digimon Heroes!. It has goat horns and cloven feet similar to the goat, as befitting of Jupiter's association with goats.


Aegiochusmon (アイギオテュースモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.


Digimon Heroes!

Aegiochusmon digivolves from Aegiomon and can digivolve to Jupitermon.

Digimon Soul Chaser

Aegiochusmon digivolves from Aegiomon and can digivolve to Jupitermon.

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