Abbadomon Core is an Unidentified Digimon. It is the main body that exists within Abbadomon, it is the true form of Abbadomon. It seeks and prefers nothingness, and rejects everything except nothingness. After it turns everything into nothingness, it disappears itself, fulfilling its purpose.[2]


  • Eclipse None: Makes the energy that it shoots from both of its hands stick to the enemy, corroding them, and gnawing away at their whole body.
  • Binjerādo: Transforms its right arm into a spear and pierces with it.
  • Death Charge: Transforms its left arm into a gun barrel and fires energy shots.
  • Gaze Eraser: Cursed beams emitted from all of the eyes on its mantle, which is even more cursed than when it is performed by Abbadomon.



Abbadomon Core (アバドモンコア)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.

  • (Ivrit:) Alternate spelling of Abaddon (אֲבַדּוֹן? lit. "destruction"). In the Bible, Abaddon is described as both a place of destruction as well as an archangel of the abyss.
  • (En:) Core.


As previous enemies that Omnimon fought in the anime, such as Ordinemon, Eosmon (Mega), and Nidhoggmon, were designed as massive Digimon, Abbadomon Core was designed to be the same size as Omnimon so that they could have a high speed close combat battle.[3]


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