Abbadomon is an Unidentified Digimon. It is a mysterious Digimon that digivolved enormously by absorbing the negative data that the Network is overflowing with beyond its limit. Its raison d'être is to transcend good and evil, and return everything to nothingness. It bites into Digimon and the Digital World itself with the large mouth at its center and the mouths on its numerous tentacles, and after doing so, only the blank data of empty space is left behind. The birth of Abbadomon is undoubtedly a crisis for all Digital Worlds, so it is conjectured that some Digital Worlds from other dimensions have been annihilated by it. You will be erased the instant you suffer any of Abbadomon attacks.[2]


  • Gaze Eraser: Emits cursed beams from all of the eyes on its tentacles.
  • Gala-lightness: Seizes the enemy with its tentacles and swallows them whole through its central mouth.
  • White Liner: Fires a white beam its central mouth.


Abbadomon's design is based on Shademon and Pride from Full Metal Alchemist.[3]


Abbadomon (アバドモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.

  • (Ivrit:) Alternate spelling of Abaddon (אֲבַדּוֹן? lit. "destruction"). In the Bible, Abaddon is described as both a place of destruction as well as an archangel of the abyss.


Abbadomon was created by Kenji Watanabe.[3]

Abbadomon debuted in the Digivice: virtual pet that released in November 2020, however, in said virtual pet, it was named "???". Its name remained unknown until the September 9 TV guide listings, which finally revealed its name as "Abbadomon" during its plot synopsis for Digimon Adventure:, "The End of the Adventure" [67]. The TV guide listings for Digimon Adventure:, "The Last Miracle, The Last Power" [66] used the name "Kuzurumon" (クズルーモン) which either referred to this Digimon or Negamon (Giant). The listing was later updated and changed the name to Abbadomon.[4]


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