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"A Molehill Out Of A Mountain"
(Densetsu no Gotoushi Tai Aratanaru Toushi!)
"The 5 Legendary Warriors VS a New Warrior!"
(Ja:) Fuji Television
(En:) Sensation Animation
Airdate (Ja:) May 12, 2002
(En:) October 14, 2002
Written by (En:) Seth Walther
Toei Animation
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Desperate for food, the children take a job as heroes to a colony of KaratsukiNumemon, but soon find out that the one terrorizing them is another Legendary Warrior.


Still traveling alone, Koji climbs along KaratsukiNumemon Mountain and hears several cries for help. Inside a cave, Koji finds several female KaratsukiNumemon caged and attempts to help them by breaking the lock. Before he can, however, a mysterious shadow appears and knocks him off the side of the mountain.

The other DigiDestined are thrown out of a restaurant for not having an acceptable currency and decide to look for work so they can eat. They quickly find a sign claiming to want heroes, with meals for free and the group quickly volunteer. Their employers, it turns out, are male KaratsukiNumemon. After they hitch a ride on a Trailmon (Worm), the KaratsukiNumemon fill the DigiDestined in on what happened. A Digimon, Grumblemon, came to their mountain and demanded to know where its fractal code was. The KaratsukiNumemon didn't know, so Grumblemon took their females captive. The DigiDestined promise to help the KaratsukiNumemon, but in order to reach their home they must travel up a completely vertical mountainside. When they arrive at the KaratsukiNumemon's home, they find Koji, who, after falling from the mountain, was discovered by the male KaratsukiNumemon. After dinner, Koji fills the others in on where the females are hidden. When J.P. lets slip that they're all Legendary Warriors, the KaratsukiNumemon become anxious and insist that the children get some sleep.

When the children wake up, they find themselves hanging from the side of a cliff. The KaratsukiNumemon reveal that Grumblemon is also a Legendary Warrior and they are assuming that the children are in league with him. Planning to trade them for the females, the KaratsukiNumemon attempt to bargain with Grumblemon when he arrives. They realize the mistake too late, however, and Grumblemon attacks. Koji manages to cut himself loose and spirit evolves to Lobomon. He and Grumblemon begin to fight while the others are released. Lobomon ends up clinging to the edge of a broken wall, while Grumblemon steps on his hands, hoping to make him fall. Agunimon and Beetlemon begin to fight Grumblemon while Kazemon and Kumamon help Lobomon.

After Kazemon helps him up, Lobomon joins the attackers, while Kazemon and Kumamon go to free the females. Due to poor coordination, however, no one is able to attack Grumblemon properly. After the captives are freed, Beetlemon gets an idea and apparently defeats Grumblemon. Unfortunately, the mountain's fractal code is exposed, and Grumblemon appears again. He slide evolves back and forth between his Human Spirit, Grumblemon, and his Beast Spirit, Gigasmon. He then steals the fractal code, making the mountain dissolve and the children are separated as they fall.

Featured Characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans Rookie Champion Ultimate Armor Hybrid


Koji Minamoto 1 Lobomon
Koji Minamoto t.gif Lobomon b.jpg
H Spirit of Light b.png
Takuya Kanbara 2 Agunimon
Takuya Kanbara t.gif Agunimon b.jpg
H Spirit of Flame b.png
J.P. Shibayama 2 Beetlemon
J.P. Shibayama t.gif Beetlemon b.jpg
H Spirit of Thunder b.png
Zoe Orimoto 2 Kazemon
Zoe Orimoto t.gif Kazemon b.jpg
H Spirit of Wind b.png
Tommy Himi 2 Kumamon
Tommy Himi t.gif Kumamon b.jpg
H Spirit of Ice b.png
Grumblemon 6, 8 Gigasmon 7 Grumblemon
Grumblemon b.jpg Gigasmon b.jpg Grumblemon b.jpg
B Spirit of Earth b.png H Spirit of Earth b.png


"Nice shot dorkus!"

Grumblemon to Beetlemon before the former is hit by a mudslide.

Other Notes

Continuity errors

  • While the DigiDestined are hiding in the bushes waiting to be pulled along by a Trailmon, Koji's voice is heard despite him not being present.

Dubbing changes

  • The dub removes a few scenes of violence between the DigiDestined, including a handprint left on J.P.'s face after Zoe slaps him, a scene depicting Koji smacking Takuya with a stick, and a scene of Grumblemon punching Agunimon. It also inserts footage from "Lobomon, Warrior of Light" between Koji freeing himself and evolving to Lobomon, depicting him falling.
  • In the original version, the final scene is of Gigasmon swallowing the mountain's fractical code followed by a shot of the dark pit left behind. In the dub, the two shots are swapped, with a To Be Continued over the shot of Gigasmon's face after swallowing the code.

Real-world references