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A Great UFO-Dragon Gathering! Ekakimon of Dreams
(Yūfō Kyouryūdaishūgou! Yume no Ekakimon)
Airdate (Ja:) February 5, 2012
(En:) February 9, 2012 (subbed)
Toei Animation
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At school, Shouta is busy drawing a plesiosaur when he is startled by Tagiru Akashi, while Ewan Amano notes that it looks strange. As class starts, another student mocks him for fantasizing too much. During break, he heads to the school rooftop lamenting that they're not drawings or fantasies when his watch digitizes and drags him into DigiQuartz.

After lunch break, the students continue to mock Shouta when he returns and states that it's real, showing a UFO flying outside the classroom, surprising everyone. Gumdramon asks Tagiru to bring him closer to the window or reload him to see, but it disappears before it could do so. Shouta smiles while a Digimon resembling a pencil temporarily appears alongside him. Ewan immediately becomes suspicious of Shouta, and sometime later, the two meet with Mikey Kudo to tell him what they saw. Mikey and Ewan immediately suspect a Digimon has possessed Shouta due to the timing of the UFO.

Back at the rooftop, Shouta thanks the Digimon, Ekakimon for making his drawings into a reality. During lunch break, after being sent to DigiQuartz, Shouta encountered Ekakimon, who is surprised by the UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animal). Ekakimon takes an interest in Shouta's drawings and seeing his plight, states that his imagination should turn into reality and licks the drawing, using Artist Scribbles to turn the UFO into reality. Ekakimon tells Shouta that as long as his imagination is strong, he can transform his pictures into reality.

Ekakimon persuades Shouta to continue drawing more, and Shouta draws the three-eyed plesiosaur which materializes at the Swimming Club, terrifying two girls who were practicing at the pool. Mistakenly believing that the students were amazed by the drawings, the two continue to draw more creatures. Shouta draws a dragon, UFO, carrier and Cyclops that begin terrorizing the other clubs. Xros Heart is alarmed by the screams and Ewan spots Shouta on the roof and uses his Fusion Loader, spotting Ekakimon. The two continue to make various drawings, including a three-eyed plesiosaur on a UFO. As the two have fun, they are confronted by Xros Heart and their Digimon. Shouta notices their Digimon and asks Ekakimon if they're the same species as him, which he confirms. Tagiru then uses his Fusion Loader and spots Ekakimon, believing that Ekakimon has possessed Shouta, despite both of them insisting otherwise. Shoutmon states that the drawings are going to make the humans panic, but Ekakimon refuses to listen as they'll ruin the fun.

Shouta's UMAs then attack the Digimon, but they are easily destroyed. Shouta then draws a horde of Big Hand Foot, but they're all destroyed with ease too. Retreating into DigiQuartz, Shouta and Ekakimon combine their drawings to create the strongest UMA. The UMA scares the group and as both Shouta and Ekakimon believe they have the upper hand, they are caught off-guard when it tries to attack them. They are saved by Xros Heart's Digimon. Ekakimon believes that the UMA has gone berserk because Shouta drew it in anger as it tries to pound the school. Xros Heart's Digimon attack the UMA but are repulsed, prompting their owners to digivolve them. They appear to destroy the UMA, but it immediately regenerates as Shouta explains that it possesses regenerative capabilities. Tagiru then suggests to make a stronger UMA, but Ekakimon states that they can't risk another crazed creation. Tagiru then suggests to make an item for Arresterdramon, but Shouta fears that he can't make something better. Tagiru then tells him that he was impressed by his drawing and knows he can do it, with Ekakimon supporting his ability.

Shouta eventually comes up with an item and has Ekakimon bring it to reality. The said item is an eraser, which leaves Xros Heart and their Digimon baffled at the item. Shouta embarrassingly explains that an eraser could remove drawings. Arresterdramon takes the eraser and eradicates the UMA with it. Shouta and Ekakimon then apologizes for their antics, and the team forgives them as they had no malicious intentions. Ekakimon asks Tagiru if he could stay in his Fusion Loader to see Shouta in the real world, which Tagiru allows. Ewan then asks how they will be able to bluff everyone into believing that what they saw was fake.

Back at school, the students ask Shouta about what they saw yesterday. Shouta bluffs and claims that he just performed some tricks and used a projector to manifest his drawings as Tagiru and Ekakimon watch on. The students believe he's lying as the drawings convinced them to become a UMA and UFO fan. Shouta continues to insist they were all fake as Tagiru, Ewan and Ekakimon watch Shouta engage in a conversation with the other students.

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Digimon Introduction Corner

Type: Mutant
Special Moves
Colorful Change
Mini Mini
Old Clock Shop Man: "something"
Clockmon: "something"
Tagiru Akashi: "Alright! DigiXros with ShimaUnimon! DigiXros!"
ShimaEkakimon: "I don't have most of my colors. Please bring back my colorful body!"
Gumdramon: "Now it's just a regular pencil."


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Animation errors

  • The first shot of the school swimming pool shows 7 starting blocks per end, before reverting back to its original design of 6 blocks.