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A Dokkan Punch To Your Heart! Eri is an Appmon Idol!
(Anata no Hāto ni Dokkan Panchi! Eri wa Apumon Aidoru!)
Airdate (Ja:) October 29, 2016
Toei Animation
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A member of Appliyama 470 reveals her Appli Drive as fashion starts getting mixed up.


On November 3, Gatchmon rescues Haru's Appli Drive from a juice spill and scolds him for being careless about it. The TV catches him attention, and Haru catches a glimpse of a blue Appli Drive, belonging to the newest idol of Appliyama 470, Eri Karan. Later that day, they go to Roppongi to try and meet with her; Gatchmon wants to recruit her in the fight against Leviathan. Haru uses a dog costume to slip into the television station where Eri and other members of Appliyama 470 are being interviewed, and Gatchmon is so short that no one even notices him. Eri displays an extremely arrogant personality during the interview, interjecting her catchphrase whenever possible. When the interview is over, Haru and Gatchmon sneak into her dressing room. She continues the act even when faced with Haru, but when Eri catches sight of Gatchmon, she is extremely happy to find another person with an Appli Drive. She drops the act and appears less arrogant, though she goes back into character when Gatchmon comments as such. She then takes out the Appmon Chip to her own Buddy Appmon, the loud and excitable Dokamon. After introducing himself, Dokamon is surprised to find that Gatchmon is appliarised. Before further conversation, fashion apps begin to go on the fritz due to an L-Virus-infected Dressmon.

Haru and Gatchmon give chase and end up in Dressmon's AR-Field, dragging along Eri and Dokamon. Dressmon introduces herself by dressing them up in feminine clothes, and when Gatchmon attacks her, she responds with exploding sewing pins. Taking refuge behind a stand, Haru and Gatchmon try and come up with a plan of attack, and Dokamon expresses his jealousy and frustration because he's never been appliarised. Dressmon finds them and shreds their cover before using her needles and thread to trap Gatchmon. Dokamon pleads with Eri to appliarise him, as they share the same goal of bringing smiles to everyone's faces. Haru charges her with the same. Eri finally consents and appliarises Dokamon. Her Appli Drive provides her with a floating controller which allows her to aid Dokamon's Dokadoka Rush attack, which he uses to blow away Dressmon while Haru frees Gatchmon. Haru borrows Dokamon's chip to applink Gatchmon and Dokamon, which grants Gatchmon Dokamon's fists. They defeat and purify Dressmon, whose chip goes to Haru, while the fashion apps return to normal. That evening, Eri tells Haru how she obtained her Appli Drive. She was home alone because her mother always had to pull extra shifts, watching Izumi Kagurazaka's idol concert and finding energy through her performance. Deciding that she wanted to give smiles to the world like Kagurazaka, she finds an Appli Drive from a crane machine that asked her if she had anyone who she wanted to see smile. Deciding that she wanted to see everyone smile, she became buddies with Dokamon and began her journey to become an idol. Eri and Haru part ways, keeping in contact with each other. That night, Rei Katsura recognizes Dokamon in Eri's promotional video and declares that things are getting interesting.

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"I'll Doka Punch your body, Dewasu~!"

Dokamon is ready to go!

Other Notes

Continuity errors

  • Gatchmon swiftly moved Haru's Appli Drive away from his spilled drink, implying that Appli Drives are not waterproof. This may be proven otherwise in Episode 36, where the main characters were exposed to seawater.

Animation errors

  • Gatchmon's sideburns were missing during his first conversation with Dokamon.

Miscellaneous trivia

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