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List of Digimon Dreamers chapters 23
(Shinka suru Yume)
Publisher Digimon.net
Release date (Ja:) January 4, 2024
(En:) January 3, 2024
Written by Ten'ya Yabuno
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Bulkmon, having finally digivolved from Pulsemon for the first time, roars in celebration. Feresmon, who Pulsemon/Bulkmon had been fighting, laughs, and congratulates it for managing to digivolving to the Champion level via a bug. It mocks it, pointing out a Champion level Digimon was still weaker than an Ultimate level, and is taken by surprise when Bulkmon punches it in the face — with the punch sending it flying across the room. Bulkmon tells it that its digivolution wasn't the result of a bug, but rather its bond with Ritsu Kodo, with Ritsu touched. Feresmon tries to fight back, only for its attacks to be easily deflected and blocked. Bulkmon meanwhile, is able to land attack after attack — with everyone shocked at just how well Bulkmon was controlling electricity. Gatomon mentions that Bulkmon as a species aren't supposed to be able to display this kind of power, with Wizardmon theorizing that it must have a special DigiCore.

Seeing it had no chance to win, Feresmon escapes through a hole in the wall with the group unable to do anything since — unlike Feresmon — they were unable to fly. Bulkmon, refusing to give up, tells Ritsu to believe in it. Ritsu reminisces about the past and tells his partner that he was going to delete it since it couldn't digivolve and said that, at the time, the reason he didn't was because he felt deep down they were the same, as he didn't want to grow up either. He tells his partner that he learned he was wrong, and that Pulsemon did want to grow up, and had been working really hard to be able to do so. Ritsu feels Bulkmon's strength and courage resonating inside of him and with their feelings synched together — Ritsu yells out for Bukmon to fly. To everyone's shock, including Feresmon's now that Bulkmon had quickly caught up, it works — with wings made of electricity appearing on Bulkmon's back. Now in the air, it attacks Feresmon — their battle continuing from where they had left off.

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