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"A Birthday Kristy Will Never Forget!"
(トーマの休日 爆裂ボンバーナニモン)
"Thoma's Day off—Explosion, Bomber Nanimon"
Other title(s)
(Br:) "Kristy's Birthday" (O Aniversário da Kristy)
(Ja:) Fuji Television
(En:) Studiopolis
Airdate (Ja:) May 14, 2006
(En:) November 5, 2007
Written by (Ja:) Satoru Nishizono
(En:) Ardwight Chamberlain, John Ludin
Directed by (Ja:) Hiroyuki Kakudou
Chief Anim.
Yoshitaka Yajima
Toei Animation
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It's Kristy's birthday and Marcus must attend supplementary exams to save his grades. Unable to be by his sister's side on this day, he asks Thomas to take his place. A Citramon, however, threatens to ruin everything.


Thomas walked into DATS HQ and finds Marcus acting nice to him. Obviously, Marcus wanted a favor. Marcus had to take make-up tests the next day, but that day is also Kristy's birthday, so Marcus wanted Thomas to take care of her. Yoshino offered (Lalamon said it'll cost a lot) but Marcus wanted a father-figure. Kristy was excited that she would get to spend her birthday with Thomas. Kristy's enthusiasm and Sarah's kind words encouraged Thomas to do his best. Kristy was also elated to see Thomas's Partner, Gaomon, the cute dog. During dinner, Gaomon and Thomas felt awkward eating in such a lively environment. Thomas noticed a family portrait of Marcus's family long ago. That night, Thomas organized "The Magnificent Birthday Plan!" The next day, Thomas came nicely dressed and gave Kristy and her mother each a bouquet of flowers. Marcus was dumbfounded by how seriously Thomas took it, and then left for school. Unfortunately for Thomas, Kristy had plans of her own. Unfortunately for Marcus, he had no clue what to do on the test. Kristy, Sarah, and Thomas went to an arcade. Thomas was forced to cancel all his reservations. Kristy had fun beating Thomas, the genius, at video games. Meanwhile, Marcus was wondering how Kristy was doing, and the teacher threw chalk at his head. Kristy loved eating monjayaki, a pancake batter fried with cabbage and other ingredients. Thomas really enjoyed eating it too. Sarah ended up paying because Thomas could not use his credit card, and only cash is accepted. The last thing Kristy wanted was to see fireworks in the night sky. Thomas brought them to an amusement park, which will have fireworks when it turns dark. During the daytime, the threesome had lots of fun. At nightfall, they rode the Ferris Wheel. Kristy and Sarah made Thomas remember his mother. BomberNanimon's arrival interrupted Thomas's daydreaming. He summoned Gaomon and contacted DATS to clear out the area. Sampson told him to wait until the others arrive, but Thomas claimed that this fight was personal and that he would protect Kristy and Sarah. Gaomon evolved into Gaogamon, easily dodged BomberNanimon's bombs, and knocked him over. The BomberNanimon got back up and made more bombs. Thomas, afraid they would cause a fire, remembered Kristy's wish of seeing fireworks in the sky and told Gaogamon to throw BomberNanimon into the sky. Gaogamon did his Spiral Blow attack, making all the bombs explode and BomberNanimon turn into a Digi-tama. The bombs made beautiful fireworks. Fortunately for Marcus, he finally finished the tests. Kristy thanked Thomas by giving him a kiss on the cheek. They went back home and everyone celebrated Kristy's birthday with cake and presents. Marcus apologized to Kristy for not spending the day with her, but Kristy said she had lots of fun with Thomas. Meanwhile, Agumon ate all the eggs except one. Marcus fought Agumon over it, but Thomas won that fight.

Featured Characters[]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans Rookie Champion

Digimon Analyzer[]

Narrator: "He's an Adult level Digimon, whose entire body is a bomb. His special attack is Free Throw Bomb. it can explode anything surrounding him."

Thomas: "He's a Champion level Digimon whose Fruit Punch Nova sends his enemies to the showers! Not exactly part of a balanced breakfast, believe me!"


Gaomon 1 Gaogamon 3 Gaomon
Gaomon b Arrow R Gaogamon b Arrow R Red Gaomon b
BomberNanimon 2 Digi-Egg
5-07 01 Arrow RR Red 5-07 02
Citramon 2 Digi-Egg
5-07 03 Arrow RR Red 5-07 02


"I'll be back! And even juicier than before!"

Citramon's final words.

Marcus: "No fair, Thomas! You took advantage of my temporary confusion!"
Thomas: "Your confusion is never temporary, Marcus."

—Okay, Marcus walked into that one.

Other Notes[]

Dubbing changes

  • Monjayaki is not referred to by name in the English version, with Sarah only referring to it derisively as "fried slop".
  • To avoid allusions to terrorist attacks, the English version reimagines BomberNanimon as "Citramon", recoloring him orange and replacing his wick with a leafy stem. His bombs are similarly recolored green and treated as fruit that release juice which threatens to flood the park, rather than blow it up. When they detonate, a splashing noise is used itself of an explosion, and green flashes of light are added to the animation to cover the blasts; a shower of orange juice is even added when Citramon himself meets his end at the climax. This is all accompanied by the standard amount of fruit puns one can expect from the dub!
  • Scenes from earlier episodes are edited into the dubbed episode, causing Commander Richard Sampson, Kudamon, Megumi Shirakawa, and PawnChessmon (White) to appear psychically.
  • The Latin American dub features Citramon and the fruit puns. However, the scene where Thomas talks with Sampson before fighting Citramon remains the same as in the Japanese version.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • Marcus's test question asks "An older brother leaves home to go to school which is 2 kilometres away from his house. 10 minutes later, his younger sister chases him after using the same road. The older brother walks 80 metres per minute, while the sister runs 200 metres per minute. How many minutes will it take for the sister to reach her brother?" The solution is , or 6m 40 s.