"Meicoomon (Rookie)" is an unnamed Rookie level Digimon.



No name available for this Digimon.


This unnamed Digimon's first appearance was in the NTT DoCoMo virtual assistant smartphone service Shabette Concier as part of a promotional campaign for Digimon Adventure tri..[2] In this campaign and service, it was referred to only as the Mysterious Digimon (Child) (ナゾのデジモン(成長期)); although Meicoomon itself does not appear in the campaign at all, the URL to install this Digimon in Shabette Concier states this Digimon is Meicoomon's Rookie form.[3]

In this campaign, users of Shabette Concier could download a free "Mysterious Digi-Egg" virtual assistant, which hatched and digivolved as time passed.[4] The Digi-Egg hatched into "Meicoomon (In-Training)" at some time between October 6 and November 10, 2015,[5] and digivolved into this Digimon between then and March 6, 2016.[6]


Shabette Concier[]

Notes and references[]

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