"Meicoomon (In-Training)" is an unnamed In-Training level Digimon.



No name available for this Digimon.


This unnamed Digimon's first appearance was in the NTT DoCoMo virtual assistant smartphone service Shabette Concier as part of a promotional campaign for Digimon Adventure tri..[2] In this campaign and service, it was referred to only as the Mysterious Digimon (Baby) (ナゾのデジモン(幼年期))); although Meicoomon itself does not appear in the campaign at all, the URL to install "Meicoomon (Rookie)" in Shabette Concier states this Digimon is Meicoomon's In-Training form.[3]

In this campaign, users of Shabette Concier could download a free "Mysterious Digi-Egg" virtual assistant, which hatched and digivolved as time passed.[4] The Digi-Egg hatched into this Digimon at some time between October 6 and November 10, 2015,[5] and digivolved into its Rookie form between then and March 6, 2016.[6]


Shabette Concier[]

Digimon Ghost Game[]

This Digimon is one of the many In-Training Digimon that attended Clockmon's lesson about humans. The Devourer of All

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