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Appmon Character Songs


L'Appmon Character Songs est un album de Digimon Universe Appli Monsters.

Chansons Thèmes[]

Personnages Titre Artistes
Haru Shinkai et Gatchmon Hallelujah Yumi Uchiyama et Kokoro Kikuchi
Eri Karan et Dokamon On Target @ Center Girl! Umeka Shôji et Matoko Kumai
Eri Karan A Pinky Promise Smile with an Explosive Punch Umeka Shôji
Torajiro Asuka et Musimon Wander Beat Shiho Kikido et Nao Tamura
Rei Katsura et Hackmon Maze Toshiyuki Toyonaga et Daisuke Sakaguchi
Yujin Ozora et Offmon Slow Starter Makoto Furukawa et Yu Shimamura
Izumi Kagurazaka, Eri Karan, Elena Kibayashi et Alice Mashiro With You Yui Horie, Umeka Shôji, Rie Takahashi et Inori Minase


  • There Are As Many Monsters As There Are Apps
  • Last Time On Appmon
  • Application-Based Life-forms Which Possess Artificial Intelligence
  • Haru and Gatchmon’s Daily Routine
  • Appliyama 470 Theme
  • Do You feel it? Or Don’t Ya? I’m Totally Feeling It!
  • Knight Unryuuji
  • Tea Time at the Secret Base
  • An Unengaging Conversation
  • A High-Spirited Puzzle Game
  • Cute Offmon
  • Hope and Expectation
  • Coldhearted Eyes of Surveillance
  • Panic Downtown- No!
  • L-Virus Infected Appmon
  • Into the AR Field
  • Infiltration- Hacking
  • Mienumon’s Scheme
  • Incident Outbreak- The Virus Appmon
  • In A Pinch! A Buddy That Never Gives Up
  • The Fear of An AI Driven Into A Corner
  • Strike Them Down with the Super AppLink
  • Cloud the Masked Man
  • Into the Deep Web
  • The Ultimate 4
  • The Threat of Leviathan
  • Shutmon’s Loss of Control
  • Difference in Power and the Fear of Death!
  • A Protagonist’s Suffering
  • For Everyone’s Smiles
  • A Blooming Heart
  • With Faith and Courage, We Can Do It!
  • Awakening of the God Appmon!
  • Surging Power! We Won’t Lose!
  • I’ll Protect Eri-chan
  • L-Virus Purification
  • Buddy Bond of Friendship
  • The Promised Tomorrow
  • Appmon Data Lab
  • Preview