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• 1/31/2018

Why is there no 'Talk' page like on Wikipedia?

I think we really need Talk pages to discuss changes. It works very well on Wikipedia, so why is it not implemented here? If Talk pages are impossible, then please add a comment section.
There are many pages where I think a change could be made, but I am not sure if others would like that. On a Talk page I could just ask a question about it, and see what needs to be done.
Both Talk pages and a comment section would even be better, as the comment section could then function as a forum.

So, if any mods are reading this: can you please add Talk pages and/or comment sections to all articles?

Thanks in advance.
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• 2/6/2018
And then it was completely silent. Any mods here? No? Apparently.
• 2/21/2018
We have talk pages here and use them all the time. Are you using the wikia skin? That prevents users from getting to talk pages, it's pretty shitty and why the wiki advises people to use the Monobook skin.

We also already have a Forum: space, use that.
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